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Dena Walker Social media. And they called it Puppy Love

18:30 | Science Gallery, Dublin

Dena Walker

 "I compromise my own values and integrity to avoid rejection or others' anger" is a statement that can be seen as symptomatic of codependency in a relationship. Brands have clearly always needed consumers, or they would cease to be; but has social media taken this to a whole new level? Why are we chasing superficial love like needy teenagers? A look at the way brands behave in social media and what it really is that consumers want. And why it may be time for a spot of "Unicorn Punching"

About Dena:

Dena is a Digital Strategist at Irish International where, funnily enough, she spends her days developing digital strategies for clients. Strategies that aren't based on doing something because it's the latest fad, but because it will work (and does), for clients such as Bank of Ireland, Aer Lingus, Mars, Centra and Aviva.

With more years in marketing than she cares to admit (because she's a bit vain) Dena knows her onions; and quite a lot about marketing too. That’s why Dena is also a lecturer in Digital Marketing at the National College of Ireland.

Dena believes in blending consumer insight with an understanding of technology, because that’s where the magic happens. She also believes in the power of a good pun. Or a bad one. Dena loves her job and hates talking about herself in the third person.