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Re Dubhthaigh & Alan McNab Service Design special with IxDA Dublin

6:30pm | Science Gallery, Dublin

Ré Dubhthaigh

Ré Dubhthaigh: Civic services: Some how's and why's of services design

While we often talk about 'product' and services, their design & delivery are at the heart of what most of us do.

Using Civic Services as an example this talk will look beyond the frameworks, models and tools of service design - emphasising instead intentions & outcomes to deliver value to people.

Ré Dubhthaigh is a designer and service strategist based in Dublin & London. As director at Radarstation, he helps organisations frame complexity and find practical route to success, using design. He is a Design Associate at the UK Design Council and was an advisory panel member for Pivot, Dublin's World Design Capital bid. Ré has worked with policy makers, bankers, social workers, technologists, toy makers and grime artists, and is currently developing an R&D Lab for Civic Services, launching in early summer 2012. You can follow Ré @radarstation.

Alan McNab: Service Design Trends: Collaborating with Customers

The talk will focus on three trends in customer service design that are driving new ways to engage with customers and deliver a great experience.

Alan McNab is Vice President of Customer Advocacy for NCR Services Europe. He has a passion for designing service experiences that delight customers and engage us to do extraordinary things in order to build lasting trust. You can follow Alan @atmcnab.