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Cory-Ann Joseph & Des Traynor Refresh Dublin Content Strategy Special

6:30 PM | The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin

Cory-Ann Joeseph

Cory-Ann Joseph - "How to plan for multi-dimensional content"


Cory-Ann has ten years’ experience in content, mostly working with men who gamble with their lives (extreme sports), or just plain gamble (online poker). She’s now a risk-averse content strategist with Dublin UX consultancy iQ Content.

Talk Description:

The tools of a content strategist can make content appear flat. Our meticulously-labelled Excel sheets, tree-structured CMS sidebars, and tabbed site maps squash each page, making contextual relationships invisible. But web content isn’t flat.

We'll consider an actual FAQ redesign project to demonstrate how easy it can be to underestimate the multi-dimensional facets of web content, as well how to avoid the pitfalls.

Des Traynor

Des Traynor - "The language of interfaces"


Des Traynor is UX Lead at Intercom, a customer relationship management and messaging tool for web app owners. In this role Des works on interface design, customer communications, and all content & messaging within the tool itself. Previously Des was a user experience consultant for six years, designing interfaces for start-ups and multinationals alike.

Des is a regular conference speaker and writes regularly on the Contrast blog. (See this talk's writeup)

Talk description:

Call it a bubble, or the year investment got smart, 2011 marks the birth of hundreds of web applications all promising to be the Next Big Thing™. And content strategy should be part of it.

To ensure the growth and maturity of content strategy as a discipline, it must have a permanent role in software development, not as a closing phase or an isolated perspective, but as a significant contributor to the process. This contribution is two-fold: it should both create content for users to consume, and ensure that interfaces are designed for user generated content.

Supported by practical examples, we'll discuss where content strategists can make the difference between lifeless echo chambers, and thriving community websites; between confusing workflows, and fluid software.